There is a path toward evidence-based, lower-cost cancer care

Between the rise in cancer treatment costs and variations in care quality, payers and providers are searching for tools that will standardize drug prescribing without sacrificing quality. Oncology pathway regimens are emerging as the answer. Treatment pathways are selected using the latest medical evidence. They're minimally toxic, they reduce unnecessary care variations for patients with metastatic cancer, and they often result in lower costs.

There are studies to prove their effectiveness. New reports from the JCO Oncology Practice and JAMA Network Open — coauthored by Carelon clinicians and researchers — show evidence-based treatment pathways lead to bigger cost savings.

Read our article to:

  • See key findings from the JCO Oncology Practice and JAMA Network Open studies.
  • Understand how cancer patients following recommended treatment regimens save $23K on chemotherapy costs.*
  • Discover how Carelon’s Medical Oncology Solution works and uses effective pathway regimens.  

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* Liu Y, Mullangi S, Debono D, Chen X, Pham T, Fisch MJ, et al.: Association Between Oncology Clinical Pathway Utilization and Toxicity and Cost Outcomes in Patients With Metastatic Solid Tumors. JCO Oncology Practice (June 2023):