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Maximize health claim recoveries seamlessly

Subrogation makes a critical difference to your health plan’s bottom line. Our staff and solutions efficiently and effectively identify and recover claims payments that were not your plan’s responsibility. Our approach reduces — and can even eliminate — the impact to your members, associates, and providers. We partner with you to design a turnkey subrogation services program that helps meet your specific needs.

Lines of business

•  Commercial
•  Medicare Advantage
•  Medicaid
•  Federal employee

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What are the benefits of full-service healthcare subrogation?

We can manage your subrogation from start to finish. Together, we’ll partner to design a program that meets your unique needs. Our structured, scalable implementation process allows for a quick activation time to accelerate claim recoveries.

Maximum recoveries

Through sophisticated discovery techniques, our highly successful nonresponder program, and market-leading expertise, our team identifies and investigates recovery opportunities and negotiates settlements.


Enhanced experiences

Your engagement strategy is fully customizable to create an improved experience for your members and providers.


Reliable expertise and reporting

Our seasoned staff acts as your in-house subrogation team, and our robust reporting suite lets you track your program’s results throughout our engagement.


Inside our Full-Service Subrogation Solution

Help protect your plan’s bottom line. Look to our subrogation services to help you recover claims dollars when other parties are liable.

Data integrity review
Continuous, real-time data matching
Tenured specialists
Nonresponder program
Tech-driven case management

How our solution works

Using predictive analytics, we leverage public and proprietary databases to identify potential recovery opportunities. Our automated approach limits or even eliminates the need for member questionnaires.

Investigation and notice
Our highly trained investigators gather relevant case information to determine liability and engage the responsible party for reimbursement.

Case management
Specialized analysts monitor ongoing cases and ensure your recovery rights are protected at the time of settlement. For a cohesive and streamlined experience, all of our case management data is stored on one dedicated platform.

We negotiate the settlement and obtain reimbursement from all available sources of recovery. 

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