Home-Based Post-Acute Solution

Help bring optimal care to your members’ home

Our Home-Based Post-Acute Solution helps ensure your members receive high-quality, affordable post-acute care at home. We do this by collaborating with your providers to create a seamless path from hospital to home that is grounded in evidence. We also partner with leading home care providers who deliver optimal care for as long as your members need it.

Lines of business

•  Medicare

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What’s possible when home care is connected?

The home offers promise to health plans as a new frontier of care for vulnerable members. When clinical evidence, provider-friendly technology, and your plan’s care management programs are integrated into your post-acute model, the impact on clinical and financial outcomes can transform healthcare for the better.

Build a path to better, reliable care

We help ensure the quality of home care is high at every member touchpoint. With our evidence-based clinical guidelines and quality-focused network of home health providers, we strive to do what’s right for your members.


Transform the home care experience

We help turn the fragmented status quo into a connected experience. With our solution, your providers gain efficiency and transparency, your members receive convenient, affordable care more quickly, and your health plan can see business impact, like closing care gaps, more easily.


Help reduce clinical and financial risk

We help simplify and bring stability to the complex transition home after hospitalization. Our approach helps reduce hospital readmissions, closes gaps in care, addresses social drivers of health, and reduces health plan spend by guaranteeing savings.


Inside our Home-Based Post-Acute Solution

Leading health plans are rethinking what their post-acute model will look like. For them, it’s about uninterrupted care, frictionless collaboration within their network, and simplified decision-making. Our connected set of features put these needs into motion at scale.

Clinical appropriateness review

Length-of-service management

Social drivers of health program

Star gap closure program

Wound Care Connect program

Advanced analytics and reporting

How our solution works

Your providers assess your member’s whole health needs, develop a care plan, and submit requests to us online for post-acute care.

Our automated platform reviews the requests in real time, assessing care plan, and discharge plans.

Requests that meet clinical criteria are immediately approved. Our clinical reviewers, including physicians, nurses, social workers, and therapists, are available to consult with your providers about any requests that don’t meet our clinical guidelines.

Request data is shared with your system(s) for claims, care management, and reporting purposes.

Ask us about our Home-Based Post-Acute Solution

Health plan leaders, contact us to learn more about the possibilities and impact of our Home-Based Post-Acute Solution.

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