Unlock personalized healthcare for your members with costly, complex needs


We’ve earned a three-year extension of our Case Management accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).  Learn more.

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Ease your high-risk members’ unique journey to whole health

We help create better outcomes, experiences, and value by connecting and personalizing healthcare for your members with costly, complex needs, like those with cancer or with multiple chronic diseases.

The power of one-to-one advocacy


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Built for your most-complex populations

Today, employers want equitable, value-driven healthcare access for their employees who are facing major health challenges. Thanks to our smart-signal technology, automated insights, and experienced advocates, that’s exactly where we stand out.


Using our platform’s advanced analytics, we help identify, actuarially validate, and prioritize the highest-value care gaps for your members from a targeted population. Most importantly, we do this with you and within your ecosystem.



Our platform reflects our belief that connection can help solve healthcare’s biggest challenges. For example, we’ve integrated care gap priorities into our advocates’ workflow so they can take immediate action. And we’ve built complete connectivity between service and clinical case managers so they can help resolve your members’ unique needs to completion seamlessly, no matter your members’ condition.



Built for large, progressive employer groups, our scale has only grown. Our claims data, insights, and experience come from working with 8M members over 10 years, assuring a swift implementation, algorithmic precision, and the one-to-one engagement members want. Our clients benefit from verified insights, program innovation, and results.


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What’s possible when health plans personalize advocacy?

With us as your strategic partner, being in the corner of your vulnerable members becomes easier. And helping them strive for whole health becomes more sustainable.

Improve care through customized connections

We take navigation further. We proactively remove barriers for your members and connect them not only to exceptional care tailored to their needs but also through it, helping your members to complete their care plan and advance toward whole health.


Raise the ROI of your digital health strategy

We wrap our platform around your ecosystem of health and wellness solutions. That way, your members’ adoption and utilization of these critical resources grow — and so does the clinical and financial value they deliver.


Manage emerging risk with clinical precision

With our automated care gap alerts and clinical triggers, we can proactively address your members’ complex needs through a variety of ways, such as disease-specific navigation, care planning, second opinions, and multidisciplinary clinical support.


Inside our targeted advocacy capability

For your members facing complex, costly conditions, the experience of compassionate, simplified, and exceptional healthcare can be life changing. Our features enable your health plan to create that experience when your members need it most.

Automated analytics

Insights-integrated workflows

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Expert multidisciplinary team

High-risk clinical case management

Specialty-aligned navigation

Explore related capabilities

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Ask us about advocacy for high-risk members

Health plan leaders, contact us to learn more about the possibilities and impact of our advocacy solution for your high-risk members.

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