Genetic Testing Solution

Harness the health revolution

Our Genetic Testing Solution helps reduce your health plan’s spending on unnecessary — and potentially harmful — genetic testing and helps deliver clarity to your members. We do this by promoting evidence-based clinical criteria that emphasizes appropriate testing at in-network labs. We also connect board-certified genetics professionals to your providers, helping them choose the right tests, and to your members for genetic counseling, helping them understand test results.

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What if clinical integrity was embedded within genetic testing? 

When used appropriately, genetic testing can help your providers and members make complex care decisions. But, as more specialties rely on it and the number of available tests grows each year, providers are especially challenged to keep up with the latest evidence. Our solution guides them to the right tests based on your members’ specific needs.

Keep your members’ care on track

Enthusiasm for genetic testing can quickly drive unnecessary testing and anxiety for your members. We help prevent that. With our solution, your members avoid testing that is unnecessary and/or performed at out-of-network labs.


Scale the right decisions across your network

Few specialties involve as much complex decision-making as genetic testing. We bring greater clarity to it. When we partner with your health plan, your providers gain direct access to genetic experts to help them select the right test.


Harness your spending with our rigorous evidence

In genetic testing, high spending can result from low-value tests, overutilization, and expensive labs. We optimize for them all, for you. Our proprietary genetic testing medical policies help curb expenses associated with unnecessary genetic tests.


Inside our Genetic Testing Solution

Managing genetic testing presents dynamic challenges. We’ve reimagined how to use clinical expertise and progressive technology to address all those challenges and more, at scale. Our solution automates guidance on test selection and redirects testing to your in-network and preferred labs. Our team of board-certified genetics professionals are available to provide consultation to your providers and members.

Clinical appropriateness review

Practice engagement resources

Telephonic genetic counseling (optional)

Laboratory network consultation

Advanced analytics and reporting

How our solution works

Your providers submit requests to us online or over the phone.

Our automated platform reviews the requests in real time.

Requests that meet clinical criteria are immediately approved. Clinical reviewers, including genetics experts and physicians, are available to consult with your providers about any requests that don’t meet our clinical guidelines and/or health plan medical policy. You also can opt to make genetic counseling available to your members when clinically indicated.

Request data is shared with your system(s) for claims, care management, and/or reporting purposes.

Ask us about our Genetic Testing Solution

Health plan leaders, contact us to learn more about the possibilities and impact of our Genetic Testing Solution.

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