Why Interim HealthCare and Carelon partnered to reimagine home health

Transforming post-acute care in the home requires a different perspective on delivering it. At Carelon, we believe that transformation is possible only when collaborative, strategic partners come together.

One recent partnership in particular reflects what’s possible when they do.

In “Why Interim HealthCare and Carelon partnered to reimagine home health,” we share the story of how and why we forged a partnership with Interim HealthCare, a home health provider with 40,000-plus professionals across 41 states.

Read our profile to:

  • Discover how health plans and their members have benefited from our partnership with Interim HealthCare.
  • Understand how our organizations work together to optimize the quality and affordability of post-acute home care.
  • Learn about the three values that our organization share and that have driven our success.

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