A home health solution that’s better for members and your bottom line

Picture a curated provider network that reduces risk

Whether it’s healthcare staffing shortages or unpredictable costs, managing home care can be challenging. Building a provider network for home-based care is more complex than in traditional inpatient and outpatient settings. We’re here to make it simple.

At Carelon, we have strong, collaborative relationships with nine of the top 10 national home health agencies. When you partner with us, you gain access to a carefully selected network of home-based practitioners in your community, so your members can heal from the comfort of their homes. While they receive the high-quality care they need, you reduce risks and lower costs.

Discover how we’re redefining what a strong home health network looks like.

Carefully selected providers

Our standards are high. We select providers for our network based on:

  • CMS star ratings.
  • Clinical outcomes.
  • Utilization of care resources.
  • Length of stay.
  • Readmission rates.
  • Overall cost.

This approach is clinically sound and fueled by:

  • Dedicated medical director leadership.
  • 300+ clinical reviewers with post-acute care expertise.
  • Evidence-based guidelines that improve clinical decision-making.

High-quality care

Your members' well-being is at the core of what we do. At every member touchpoint, high-quality care is our priority. Pairing evidence-based clinical guidelines with compassionate care providers, we see results:

Up to 20% reduction in hospital readmissions.

The impact of our home health solution on your bottom line

When left unmanaged, members may receive unwarranted, lower-quality care, resulting in a poor experience for them and higher costs for your plan. Our network selection process solves this challenge:

Up to 12% guaranteed savings.

See what’s possible with the right partner

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