A post-acute journey to better health

Innovative, member-focused health plans are rethinking what the post-acute journey looks like for their members after hospitalization. These health plans see it as a space to add support and optimize for better quality of care and greater affordability.

In our infographic “A post-acute journey to better health,” we walk through how a member with multiple chronic, complex conditions benefits from our post-acute model, which is driven by clinical best practices, provider collaboration, an emphasis on whole health, and insights from our advanced analytics.

Read our infographic to:

  • Learn how integrating evidence-based guidelines into the post-acute care experience can drive healthcare sustainability.
  • See the exponential value of partnering with the right home health providers.
  • Understand how taking a broader picture of a member’s health, like accounting for their social drivers of health, can contribute to better outcomes.
  • Discover why market-leading health plans rely on us to better support members during their post-acute journey and improve the quality and costs of post-acute care.

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